Friday, January 16, 2009

Open Letter To Worksafe B.C. From Wayne Coady

Dated Jan 16th 2009

Scott McCloy
Director, Communications
604 276-5157 or 604 880-9164 (cell)

Dear Mr. McCloy and Worksafe B.C.Board of Directors:

My name is Wayne Coady , I am involved with a national injured workers coalition, we are involved in investigating the bad faith practices of members of the Association of Workers' Compensation Boards of Canada, such as your Board in BC and other members of your association’s family, like the Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia. ( All others included. )

I have been involved with injured workers since 1999 and became involved because of the way I was treated by the Newfoundland Workers Compensation Board. So after years of jumping through their hoops , I was faced with much stress and eventually had a mental melt down, so I said Wayne , if it is happening to you, then it is happening to other.

Sure enough I learned that injured workers right here in Nova Scotia were going through the same kind of abusive treatment at the hands of these unionized caseworkers , then we learned that the abuse of power was also being displayed by those service companies who were hired by the WCB to service injured clients.

For example therapists hired by the board were using intimidation and that intimidation was placing much stress on the injured patient and in more case we learned that these therapists were threatening or as they call it these days bullying injured workers, no matter how great the pain was, if they did not do as the therapist demanded, they would be written as non-compliant …thus terminated by the WCB Board. This was and is still a very common practice.

So my small band of merry injured workers struck out to find more injured workers who had documentation and were willing to tape record all conversation between caseworkers, doctors and any other hired thug employed by these vile bad faith boards. Bingo, we learned that the abuse in one Board was the same practiced in all others. So, now we are educating and helping injured who have a story to sit in front of a camera, tell the truth and mention the names of each and every single person / caseworker who has abused them along their way, including therapists ,doctors and other health care providers.

Injured workers are now just starting to come together and right across this country, we are taking the bag off our head and putting aside the shame we were made feel. Injured workers will tell how the Compensation Board destroyed their life, forced them into bankruptcy, split apart their families and yes even drove the now widows, husband to suicide or visa versa. How the children and family were degraded by having to go to welfare, because some caseworker decided to play GOD with their life.

Christ you guys truly are cruel and miserable bastards and anyone that likes to call them-self a humanists who sits on the Board of Directors of these vile Compensation Boards is nothing more than a school yard bully. I hope they do not consider them-self to be a believer of Human Rights. I have also decided to take note who they are and to make sure that I never do business with them or the company they are associated with, unions included.

I have been following this latest case about Cascade Aerospace which Worksafe B.C. is involved in and thanks to being able to post as an injured workers on Kathy Tomlinson CBC site, I have received emails and phone calls from right across Canada and we have been overwhelmed with letters from injured workers from British Columbia.

I do not know who this Mark Evans is, other than the fact ,Mark Evans is manager of Corporate Security at WorkSafeBC. He is a certified controls specialist, forensic investigator, and fraud examiner.

Mark has 27 years’ RCMP experience in covert operations, drugs, organized crime, and major crimes. So what are the connection between Dr. Hugues Hervé, who is a registered psychologist in British Columbia,specializing in forensic and medico-legal assessments with Mark Evans or are there any?

I have noticed WCB Boards tend to hire retired RCMP. It must be a damn hard job, as I understand it people tend to look at the WCB as a legalized Mafia and a bunch of union thugs. Starting to understand now why these WCB Boards get away with the abuse and bad faith, they administer on injured workers. We sure live in one sick society, don't we. The reason brought up Mark Evans name was we received a flood of emails from injured workers in BC and his name came up more often than not.

If there was ever an agency that required investigating Mark your employed with it now.I guess if you want to leave a good impression hire a retired cop, take a sigh and say, there now the people will trust us!

Here in Nova Scotia the WCB / Department of Labour hire former media types and retired cops as well. As the old saying goes..keep your friend close and your enemies even closer, but employing them?

Well , now I suppose Mark will call one of his contacts here in Nova Scotia track me down and shake me down. I remember back in 1999, when the Nova Scotia WCB hired a retired RCMP officer, who ran his own investigation company to follow me around and watch who was coming and going at my home. They did this for two months, imagine how important that made me feel.

So, I would say that Mark is very well schooled in intimidation tactics, now I am not suggesting he would use them of course or do anything wrong. Because he knows injured workers are more equipped these days Mark, we record our conversation, even when they are done in secret and those sitting around the table are not introduced. Click!

As you know and are well aware , that stress leads to mental health issues and as we are also learning, has place a high number of injured workers in the position of either committing suicide or having made a failed attempt leaving them with another cross to bare. This is a fact, that is documented in the BC Legislature.

There seems to be a common practice that flows out of the management practices of all of these vile Workers Compensation Boards and that is get rid of the injured workers at any cost . Injured Workers across Canada have had enough of this abuse , that is being administer at the hands of the unionized staff at these vile government agencies and I stress Unionized.

I am going to make a suggestion that you can pass onto every person employed at Worksafe B.C. Mr. Scott McCloy ,I suggest that you contact Dr. Hugues Hervé, he is a registered psychologist in British Columbia, then have him put the WCB Staff through a Psychological Assessment, including Mark Evans. Mark a real secretive man, if you know what I mean !!

Trust me Mr. McCloy, injured workers are not going to stand for any more of this abuse, injured workers are more than willing to tell their story about how they were mentally abuse and some injured workers are of the opinion the the Workers Compensation is capable of out right murder and you know, I beginning to believe they might be right!

The British Columbia Provincial Government and all other Provincial Governments including the Federal Government will have little choice but to put in place a full blown public inquiry, this abuse must stop, injured workers are being murdered, by a piece of legislation which has been proven, that in the hands of the wrong people or organizations such as the WCB, the WCB Act is akin to a man gone mad with a AK 47.

This letter was to inform the Association of Workers Compensation Boards in Canada, that we are pissed off and sick and tired of the abuse we are forced to take at the WCB hands, no more. I cannot continue to write, because just having to write this make me want to toss my guts. I do have my own site, and so does the Injured and abused Workers Coalition, but for now that site is closed to the public, but in due time it will be opened.


Wayne Coady

Injured and abused Workers Coalition
902-434-9306 or

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nova Scotia Department of Labour Cover Up Abuse of injured Worker

Double click on photo to read sign:

Meet injured workers Dwayne Rowe.

Mr. Rowe first became acquainted with the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board back in 1992 when he was injured while employed at Dalhousie University. At that time Mr. Rowe was placed on WCB benefits and within six months he was cut off and told to go on welfare.

Mr. Rowe still under the medical care of a physician and was on pain medication which would have been another factor in his returning to work. So for 15 years Mr. Rowe was without choice force to take welfare only because a caseworker decided he was terminated.

Then one day he was contacted by the WCB to apply for a chronic pain payout and he did. Now keep in mind the WCB cut him off because they felt he was all better, but now they were ready to accept the fact that it was time to pay him for his secondary injured known as chronic pain, which came about because of his primary injury, which is still very much a factor to day.

This is just one of the many examples of how abusive the “governments” Workers Compensation truly is. What right does a caseworker or a rehabilitation therapists employed for or by the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board have to destroy an injured worker and his or her family?

Dwayne Rowe was forced onto welfare for 15 years, cut off from benefits that would have helped him and his family to move forward with their lives. What part did the Workers Compensation Board play in the splitting apart of his family?

Well stay tuned to my blog site, because Dwayne Rowe will be doing a video which will document a trail of abuse and bad faith that was administered under the watchful eyes of the Nova Scotia Department of Labour. Learn how your “government” secretly abuses injured workers, and gets away with it because “they” have a law that protects and covers up this abuse.

Labour Minister Mark Parent has been contacted many times, by me and many other injured workers to end the abuse. Minister Mark Parent and those in senior positions at the Department of Labour are complicit in this abuse.

Dwayne's video will be up next week .


Wayne Coady
Injured and Abused Workers Coalition