Friday, April 11, 2008

Calling on the Canadian Parliament and Senate.

Former Union researcher speaks out.

April 11, 2008
Injured and Abused Workers Association
Attention : President Wayne Coady

Dear Sir:

The New Democratic Party is not the working man or woman’s party, the NDP segregate and discriminate when it come to representation in either the Provincial Legislature or in the House of Commons . The New Democratic Party mislead voters when it comes to calling themselves the peoples party, when in fact they are the party of the unions. Much like the Liberal and Conservatives are the party of business. I have learned that there is no such thing as a people party , but instead , we have parties party.

I was employed with one of the labour organization as a statistical researcher, there were several similar researchers with other labour federations , all of us were collecting information for the New Democratic Party, provincially and nationally.

We ran surveys to find out if the membership were happy with the New Democratic Party, we also ran a survey to check out how the Workers Compensation System across Canada was treating injured workers, mainly former unionized member. I say former members simply because 99% of all unionized members are dropped because they cannot afford to pay dues if they cannot return to work, taking into consideration they were either denied or terminated from these Workers Compensation Boards, even though they were medically credited with being disabled.

The bottom line is unions truly careless about their former injured members, except for the occasional few who were good at showing up to a protest or to support the New Democratic Party candidate. In other words your first loyalty had to be to the union and if the union liked you, well they could usually pull a few strings with one of the W.C.B’ s unionized staff or caseworkers. It has little to do with being disabled when it comes to making it onto the benefit roster of the Workers Compensation system without a fight, it is usually done under the table with union connection. And since every unionized WCB has a union representative sitting on the Board of Directors, need I say more?

Now there is little I can do to help, but I can assure you, that unions and the New Democratic Party play a role in messing with the lives of injured workers , neither practice what they preach. Unions sit on every single W.C.B board as you have mentioned Wayne, so if they wanted to clean up the abuse and the bad faith these boards are noted for , the unions and their political partner the New Democratic Party could, so why haven’t they?

I must say Mr. Coady you are doing a good job informing the injured workers about union involvement in these Worker Compensation Boards. Keep up the fight. Hopefully Ottawa will strike a Senate Committee to look into the entire Workers Compensation System. There is no question that abuse and bad faith exists, within all of these boards, so what is both levels of government afraid of?

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” - Martin Luther King Jr.


Robert XXXXXS former union policy researcher .

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Calling on the Canadian Parliament and Senate

Dear Injured Worker;

The ironic side to this story about the
WSIB rebate program in Ontario is the Unions are every bit as guilty as "government" and business ,when it come to acting in Bad Faith.

I am sick and tired of the labour movement here in Canada blowing smoke out their backside and finger pointing at everyone else involved in the abuse of injured workers and workplace safety, when they are complicit. These organization like the Canadian Labour Congress and their offspring chapters, the Federations of Labour, have union representation on all Workers Compensation Boards in Canada, they must approve what the WCB administers, should it be abuse directed at the injured worker or one of the many acts of Bad Faith.

If the President of the Ontario Federation of Labour Mr. Wayne Samuelson and all other Labour Federations in Canada want to send a message that Labour is not happy with the
abusive process and the many acts of “BAD FAITH “ which these compensation boards are well noted for, then pull out of these boards. Why would any Union, want to sit on a Board or Committee that is known for its abuse?


Wayne Coady

Cole Harbour
Nova Scotia

Read this link Senate leader calls for overhaul of workers' compensation

Here is the latest story from the Toronto Sun:

Labour groups want WSIB chief out
Star series spurs advocates to demand new board for safety agency, but chair calls plea disappointing

Apr 09, 2008 04:30 AM
Moira Welsh
David Bruser
Staff Reporters

Ontario labour groups are asking Premier Dalton McGuinty to fire the chair and executive board of the provincial workplace safety agency in the wake of a Star series on its flawed safety rebate program. Read the rest of the story @ STAR<>

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Does the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board rebate business when an employee dies on the job from a work related an accident

Nancy MacCready Williams, Leanne Hachey, Stephen Dempsey

My question to Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board CEO Nancy MacCready Williams , The Canadian Federation of Independent Small Business Vice President Leanne Hachey and the President of the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce Stephen Dempsey , are your members getting rebates when one of their employees is killed on the job, from the Workers Compensation Board?

Here is a link to a story relating to rebates which was investigated by two Star reporters; David Bruser and Moira Welsh.

WORKING WOUNDED ( click on this pdf and meet some of the dead and learn how the company profited. Compliments of the Star. This should open your eyes. )

The Star is investigating workplace injuries, death and illnesses in Ontario. Information in the series comes from interviews, court documents and various data sources, including Workplace Safety and Insurance Board data obtained after a lengthy freedom of information request. The Star’s Andrew Bailey analyzed the data. Previous stories have highlighted loopholes that allow unsafe job sites to escape penalties, and the high rate of post-traumatic stress disorder among Toronto Transit Commission drivers. Flaw in worksite safety system allows big rebates even when a death occurs Click Here To link I have tried to get the media here in Nova Scotia to investigate the same thing , they have done nothing , why ?
I have asked several MLA's to look into the same issue.... they have done nothing ,WHY?

Ontario WCB Rebate Probe?

The Federal Government can intervine in every one of these WCB Boards, simply because they are a stakeholder partner... they do receive the protection of the WCB Act ...they are an employer too! So, why is it our elected MP's use the excuse that the Federal Government has no jurisdiction over these WCB Boards, they are a partner by association.

If anyone can help , please contact Wayne Coady