Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lillian Carr, 40 year employee of Hershey Canada....

...loses hearing because of employment, then gets abused by Worksafe Nova Scotia / WCB .

Lillian suffers from a loss of hearing due to years of working around very noisy machinery while employed for 40 years with Hershey Canada ( Moirs Plant ). Even though she was supported by all the required medical evidence, the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board, Hershey Canada and her union the Bakery Confectionery Tobacco Workers International Union tossed her way... WHY ?

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In 2004, I managed to get Hershey Canada ( Moirs Plant ) to buy Lillian a hearing aid. Then the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board has purchased her two since. The last one just this month ( February 2009 ).

Therefore I would suggest that since they now recognise Lillians hearing loss, they might wish to honour her with the compensation benefits own to her, since 1992.

Lillian was accepted onto CPP Disability without any problem and that is what she lived on since, without CPP, the WCB would have downloaded her onto Community Services.

Please listen to Lillian Carr's brief story , and keep in mind, this could be you, your mother or your grandmother. Lets stop the abuse on injured workers like Lillian.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nova Scotia Politics is a .....

sad state of affairs! Political parties are like pedophiles,they destroy the lives of many.

When will the voters wake up?

Headlines in a local paper: South Shore district warns of health cuts

By BEVERLEY WARE South Shore Bureau of the Chronicle Herald
Sun. Feb 22 - 4:46 AM
BRIDGEWATER — The head of the South Shore district health authority says he may have to cut programs because the province hasn’t come through with enough money to fund the services it already offers.

"We are projecting a significant deficit that has to be repaid and at the present time we are reviewing all programs, and it may be necessary to do program cuts to balance next year’s budget," authority CEO Kevin McNamara said. (end)

Well what do you expect should happen? After all these years of being taxed to death in the name of public infrastructure, why is our public infrastructure starving? Is it because these elected crooks and high paid bureaucrats are laundering those taxes collected into the pockets of a greedy business community and away from our public services?