Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Injured Workers Suffer PTSD...

When you look at the Canadian Workers Compensation system, then you can understand why it is that injured workers commit suicide . The WCB system has driven many injured workers into poverty, resulting in the loss of homes, families being torn apart.So when you look at this very abusive legislated law, known as the WCB ACT one can only conclude that injured workers fall into the PTSD box.

The abuse injured workers face at the hands of WCB Caseworkers leaves the injured worker to react to the harsh and abusive treatment with the feeling of "INTENSE FEAR" and HELPLENESS, thus we PTSD by design ,overseen by every politician and "their" political party, because they are the masters of this abusive legislated law. I will also conclude that this is why Patrick Clayton took the action he did when he entered the Calgary office the WCB, he was not only armed with a rifle, but armed with "Intense fear" and HELPLENESS , this situation was manufactured by the Alberta Workers Compensation Board.

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