Wednesday, April 28, 2010

National Day of Mourning ...

.....should read National Abuse Day

Winnipeg reporter Michael Welsh for radio station CKUW gives three days of interviews with injured workers in Canada. Here are three links : Wayne Coady interview.

We will be holding an interview with former IWK injured worker Marie Fortune. Maries will tell her story how she was treated by her former employer, her union and the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board. We will be uploading taped conversation when she was called to a meeting by her union, union lawyer and representatives of the IWK. She will talk about how service providers threatened her with termination , if she did not comply with their HARSH treatment. She will talk about how the QE11 misdignosed her broken hip and her long suffer journey to get WCB , after the WCB downloaded her onto Community services.

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