Saturday, October 3, 2009

Defrocked Bishop Raymond Lahey

...Kiddie Porn Bishop

The revelation that the recently resigned Bishop of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Raymond Lahey, is an “alleged” node and purveyor of “kiddie porn” should, if nothing else, finally shock all those slavish adherents of the Roman Catholic Church into the reality of the human experience.

By the way, the surname “Lahey” has always been popularly pronounced “Lay – hee” for the majority of us, but, somewhere along the way, it has been perverted into the more lofty “Law – hee” … presumably, by the now defrocked “Bishop” to set himself on a higher plane. Most are familiar with that old saw about “the higher they are the greater they fall.” And this is one hell of a fall.

And so it should be.

I am reminded, too, of that other old trite and truism about “just the tip of the iceberg” that will surely apply in the days ahead as more of the Roman Catholic Church’s duplicity and hypocrisy becomes revealed.

Raymond Lahey is not singular in his prurient interests. I can recall the story out of British Columbia in 2008, of a Family Court “judge” who intimidated a couple of young girls into having sex with him by exerting his mandated position of power and trust.Please visit:
LAHEY ... LEERING VOYEURTo finish this article:

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