Thursday, February 25, 2010

Letter of Intimidation from two ... begals on behalf of the NSGEU and WCB.

Note: they did not put it on their company letterhead ..but they did sign it.

This is how injured workers here in Nova Scotia who dare speak out against the unionized Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board are treated. I was accused of owning a website that I did not. I was also paid a visit by the Halifax City Police, they informed me that the President of the NSGEU said she had a message left on the NSGEU answering machine by me and that my message was threating to her. I requested them to get that recorded message and we would soon learn , that I never called the NSGEU, because I would never be so stupid. I also requested that they charge her with public mischief, they never. I wonder why..could it have something to to with the brotherhood of unions?

Please click on the 2 page letter to enhance it.

I guess there was no such message, because I was never charged. I feel, that this police officer was just doing a favour for the NSGEU President, hoping to intimidate me once more. When I put anything up on the internet about the NSGEU or the WCB. I always make sure they know it is me, I have no reason to hide.

I am tired of being abused by this government agency (WCB), which by the way, falls under the Department of Labour's jurisdiction. In other words, the "government" which is suppose to be there to protect us being used by political parties, to use and abuse us. So, this is why I refuse to vote for a political system made up of parties that abuses myself, and other citizens of Nova Scotia.

As you can read I am being accused of attacking individual people employed at the WCB . This is not so. I wrote Larkin and Arab back, as soon as I received this letter and told them to advance with their accuations,it ended, no further communications.

When the NDP formed "government" Priemier Darrell Dexter had two longtime friends on his transition team, they are Robert Chisholm Regional Director CUPE,and former NDP leader and Ray Larkin legal council for the Nova Scotia Government Employees Union. Larkin is also well known for being associated with the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour.So, when it comes to injured workers, it looks like the mental abuse will continue!

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