Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Were Injured Workers Sold A Bill Of No Good

Fact or Fiction ? Do we have the original agreement between labour and business ?

I want to see the agreement that was signed in 1915 here in the province of Nova Scotia , between ...the Business Community and the Union Representative which led to the legislation called the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation act of 1917. It is important we see the original signed documents that removed our right to sue the employer.

I have learned today, Jan 7th 09 ,that there was no agreement signed between Labour and Business, I was told by the Legislative Librarian, that a Liberal by the name of Ernest Howard Armstrong introduced the bill which robbed workers of their right to sue their employer, should they have a workplace accident.

Here a little histroy on Ernest: Ernest Howard Armstrong, journalist, lawyer, politician, premier of Nova Scotia (b at Kingston, NS 27 July 1864; d at Bridgewater, NS 15 Feb 1946). Educated at Acadia and Dalhousie (LLB, 1888), Armstrong edited the Weymouth Free Press from 1889 to 1892, and later moved to Yarmouth, where he held various administrative posts. He was MLA for Yarmouth County (1906-20) and held the public works and mines portfolio in the Liberal government of Premier G.H. MURRAY 1911-23. A hard-working but unimaginative politician, Armstrong sought retirement to the bench when, as senior Cabinet member, he succeeded to the premiership (1923-25).

In other words, we are being lied to and the workers did not surrender their right to sue, government stole that right and have every year since 1917 kept stealing a little more of our rights away. This explains why the legal community does not want to tackle this vile abusive law....you see Ernest Howard Armstrong was one of their own, yes he was a lawyer, a liberal and a liar.

If that document / agreement between those two parties cannot be shown, then one can only assume the Workers Compensation Board is a FRAUD.What we have is nothing more than a FACIST piece of legislation used to further disadvantage those already disadvantaged by a workplace accident. Keep in mind also that when this vile legislation was passed, the men who it would most harm, were off fighting in the First World War, thinking they were defending democracy.

Well it looks like the Liberal Government of the day, pulled the wool over their eye. SHAME.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Human Rights Is A Myth Here In Canada

Directly to the right hand side you will see links to the stories of other injured workers, please click on them and learn how injured workers are abused by the WCB staff and service providers. As time goes forward I will be building a website just for this.

This is myself, Curtis Squires, Bob , Peter and Dave Wilson. The oil rig is the Bow Drill One.

This is where I first learned about abuse of power and breach of trust and how the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia Workers Compensation System abuse injured workers.

No matter where one looks in Canada at our (current) provincial or federal government system, we (will) can find many instances where agencies of our Provincial “governments” should be targeted for their abuse of power and breach of trust. In Nova Scotia, the Department of Community Services and the Workers Compensation Board have distinguished themselves by their reprehensible treatment of those people they have been sworn to protect.

Over the years, reviews of these agencies have been held (recently, we have learned that these reviews have not been as frequent or detailed as they should be... apparently, on purpose) and there have been many documented cases proving(categorically) continuing abuse of power has, and still is taking place right across Canada. Why hasn’t this problem been addressed and rectified? Political parties are bodies who will always jump on a cause when they feel they can gain points with the public and, hopefully, come off looking like the good guys who should be allowed to form a majority government.

Why then, is it so apparent that the slate of political parties in N.S. are afraid of championing a public inquiry into any government agency that abuses its power in this province? It's obvious that the CONservatives won't initiate anything... they're the "government" of the day. The Liberals sure as hell aren't about to dig up their old dirt because they have too many of their own transgressions to atone for when they were in power. The NDP, on the other hand, has never been the government. They have never had the chance to steal from the public purse or deny citizens their rights.

The NDP, because it has never been government is continually in a mode of proving to the electorate of Nova Scotia why it should be given the chance to govern. They should be on the bandwagon to clean up these government departments that proven themselves unworthy of the power and trust they have been given. BUT the NDP in Nova Scotia has shown itself it is reluctant to get into the fray. Why can that be? Could it be that they have a very cozy relationship with the Nova Scotia Government Union and the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, the very union that unionized both the of these vile agencies of "government"? (Sinister aren't they )

Sure, we can point our finger at government, but, more importantly, we are overlooking those who do the abusing. You know... the human element, the staff. It's easy to point out that the abuse is being done and over looked by government, but what about that public servant who is delivering the abuse? Why should they get off easy? The most important component of that abuse is hidden in plain sight. One must take into consideration that these public servants are organized members of large unions, who, on one hand, profess to be staunch believers in human rights and, by default, great supporters of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Especially, when they can call public attention to themselves in a positive light.

These unions are very much the biggest hypocrites. In fact, (and action) they are not as interested in human rights as they would have us all believe. Time and again in recent months, media and others here in Nova Scotia have shone the light of fact and reality on many problems and shortcomings of the WCB and Social Services... apparently, to no avail. The abuses by these two agencies continue apparently with the tacit approval of the unions and their political arm, the New Democratic Party. In fact, the NDP recently announced it was content to go with the status quo...and this in a time when a full blown no holds barred public inquiry should be the order of the day.

Taxpayers are being held hostage by political parties that have been hijacked by a bunch of self serving elite, whose only apparent interest, thus far, is filling their pockets with your tax dollars. Included in this mix we have large government employee unions, whose only agenda is to control and protect their brethren who are employed in these vile government public service bureaucracies. Dues are paramount. More important than rules of basic morality or humanity.

Why should anyone trust a political system that has proven so many times in our recent past that it is not there to serve its employers( the people), but instead serves party members, first and foremost. By the way, that membership amounts to less than 2% of the population. So, what gives? How can a minority (i.e.: political parties and their membership) hold up the majority of the people in this province/nation? How was this achieved?

Liberals and CONservatives all dance together and, no matter how you look at them, they cater to the business community which has very much become an integrated part and power base of these parties.

The NDP, in an effort to distinguish itself from the Liberals and CONservatives has aligned itself with the trade unions which, if you remember what we said a few paragraphs back, has tied any open ends by its tight association with the government employee unions ... from which it derives handsome annual salaries for those trade union leaders who also happen to support the NDP party.

One can only be of the opinion that if these political parties were to call for a full blown public inquiry looking into WCB and Community Services, they would be committing political (and financial) suicide. And, on close examination, one will conclude there are certainly no ideological differences in any of these parties who have become an expensive albatross around the necks of Nova Scotian taxpayers.

The Canadian media are complicit in the abuse of injured workers and seem to be more interested in reporting on the government’s announcement of “their” new Canadian Human Rights Museum. This Museum is a disgrace and a slap in the face to every injured worker, whose rights were removed back in 1914, with a stroke of a pen and the signature that best represents a hypocrite, is that of the Union, who sold out every working man and women in Canada when they signed that document, (Meredith Agreement).

According to this logic(?) then, those of us who do not belong to a union should still have our rights....no one signed anything on our behalf. So, why then are those of us who are injured workers (but were never a member of a union) be forced to accept a fradulent document we were never presented, for our approval. And, for that matter, who allowed this Meredith Agreement to supersede this NATION'S Human Rights Legislation?


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