Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is George Galloway a terrorist or …..

... is the real terrorist, the Liberal Party of Canada ?

This past while on CBC I have watched the Canadian Government paint British Member of Parliament as a terrorist and that this great humanitarian is someone we should fear. Well I am a born Canadian citizen of sixty years and not once has my life been threatened by M.P. George Galloway or Hamas, on the other hand I do worry about our own homegrown terrorists.

That’s right homegrown terrorists masquerading as a political party that claims to have served and protected Canadians. I speak about the Liberal Party of Canada, and justifiably so, because in 1966 and 1967 while I served with the Canadian Army at C.F.B Gagetown the Liberal party of Canada approved the use of Agent Orange on both British and Canadian soldiers while they were in training in the area.

Not only was this very deadly herbicide used on soldiers, but those civilian personal living and working in and around C.F.B Gagetown.

Then again in 1968 at Suffield Alberta the Liberal Party of Canada approved the testing of Mustard Gas on the soldiers, both incidents took place while Liberal Lester B Pearson and Liberal Pierre Trudeau were the Prime Ministers of Canada. To think that this political party used the power of “government” to abuse and endanger the very citizens who were employed to protect and serve Canada, are still bidding for political power to day makes me very afraid.

Further more, it truly sickens me as a Canadian that once again a political party is using the power of “government” to prevent a British Member of Parliament to enter Canada because they feel I need protecting from Mr. George Galloway. To be honest, if the Conservative Party that is now in the position to abuse the power Canadian voters have entrusted them with, they might want to consider placing the Liberal Party of Canada on their terrorist list, for it has been well documented that the Liberal Party of Canada has terrorized Canadians.

Further more, if the Harper Conservatives wish to charge the Liberal Party of Canada with crimes against humanity, this would be most welcomed by the victims of Agent Orange and Mustard Gas.

Once again Conservative Party M.P Jason Kenny… British M.P. George Galloway is not a terrorist, he has never brought harm to one single Canadian, but the Liberal Party of Canada has, look back to 1966, 67 and 1968 please.