Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 11, 2007

To the Attention of Vice President AOAC

Hi Art:

We have to stop pointing at "government" as being the problem ... when in fact it is the political parties who are jerking the victims of Agent Orange around.

Political parties are controlled by men in suits, who own the chemicals and herbicides companies that were used at CFB Gagetown.

Companies like Monsanto, Uniroyal from Elmira Ontario, had to have political party support, to bring these chemical to market. These companies, with the influnce of the party system, together, abuse the power of "government", to posion those of us who were unlucky enough, to have served or lived at CFB Gagetown.

The sooner we taxpayers realize the damage that these political parties have done to this country and its citizens the better. It is time that the voters / taxpayers wake up to just how dirty these political parties are and how they all abuse the power and trust we place with in them. Please, if we are ever going to correct the wrongs done by these political parties, then we must STOP SUPPORTING THEM!

Mr. Vaughn Blaney is one good example of how and who the party system works for,!

Mr. Vaughn Blaney has done his job, for his political party friends, he was hired to sweep this Agent Orange problem under the rug and Mr. Vaughn Blaney did as he was instructed, plus he got very well paid for doing it too.


Wayne Coady
Cole Harbour Nova Scotia