Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Defining WCB’s Service ...

...Philosophy in Nova Scotia:

Well another secrete meeting was held on Sept 14, 2009 at the Westin Hotel. This meeting was between the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation CEO Nancy McCready Williams and her sheep which just happen to be made up of the NSCEU, CAW and the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour. And it should be noted the Robin MacLean is not only the rep for the WCB NSGEU unionized staff ...she is DIRECTOR of NEGOTIATIONS & SERVICING for the NSGEU. All of these people and unions would have us believe that they work for the good of the working people, ( WHAT A JOKE .)

These are the people and organizations that in my opinion are the behind the covering up of the abuse that is being administered by the WCB Board and the Nova Scotia Department of Labour, these people sit back and rubber stamp the abuse. Our elected members to the legislature make it all possible and Darrell Dexter and his NDP team are not about to walk on the unions...because they receive union money to finance their elections. The NDP are no better than the liberals or Tories...but then again why do you think political parties are in place? They are there to feed the few, unions and big business.

Remember Lillian Carr's Story and how Hershey, who purchased Moyers Chocolates put the screws to her?

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Hitler and his Nazi Party, Taliban also had a Service Philosophy , in other words, CEO Nancy McCready Williams you and your union sheep, are not much better than the Taliban or the Nazi's … if it looks and smells like shit ,then it is shit and the service that you and your unionized staff are giving injured worker Lillian Carr is shit. I am still waiting on a call from Lillian’s new caseworker Paul Malay, Mr. Malay is new to Lillian caseworker..but then again Lillian has had many new caseworkers …what kind of service is that, I mean keep changing caseworkers , why ? Could it be to wear the injured worker down?

The WCB Act is empowering the WCB staff and the Board of Directors to abuse the injured worker and deliver good service to the business community who just happen along with the unions run that private insurance company, you call WCB. All WCB’s in Canada are nothing more than private insurance companies , the only difference between then and say SunLife, is that Sunlife can be sued and comes under the consumer protection act…whereas the WCB’s are provided with legislation to abuse the victim and protect the client,that just happens to be BUSINESS, Government Department and UNIONS, who pay the fees. Since Injured Workers do not pay any fees, they are not considered as being stakeholders.

I also better understand why the media here in Nova Scotia go out of their way to avoid investigating the Workers Compensation Board … media are business and therefore will not do anything to bring down “their” protector, "they" finance the fund, the Board serve them, not those injured at "their" workplace. This is why I will not buy any local papers or buy into the local media.

Injured workers are oppressed by a bad faith law Nova Scotia Law, an illegal law that does not conform to the Canadian Constitution, we are not protected by the human Rights Act or it’s Commissioners, they are ignoring injured workers. WHY??

Without prejudice

Wayne Coady
Injured and Abused Workers Coalition