Thursday, February 7, 2008

Open letter to, Ms. Hess von Kruedener:

CBC interviwe with Ms. Hess von Kruedener

Dear Ms. Hess von Kruedener:

First, may I offer my heartfelt condolences to you in your present plight.
What happened to your husband troubles me … as it should all Canadians ... that Heir Harper and his “New” Conservative Party place far more importance on all things political while ignoring the human side with a cynicism that seems to exemplify this man and his “government”.

His reaction typifies the disdain and contempt this human anomaly seems to feel for all Canadians, lately … regardless of circumstance.

I’ll revert to the clichéd and say that “these things too shall come to pass” although, from experience, they may diminish, but, never go away.

I do agree with your reasoning of what took place and why. It is reprehensible to come to the realization that anyone is expendable if it means perpetuating the great myth.

The treatment you received from the governing "New" Conservative Party comes as no surprise to me... as I and thousands of others continue to be treated with disdain by this selfish and self-serving excuse for a party that has managed to high-jack our country while promoting its hidden agenda.

In 1968, Exercise Vacuum took place in Suffield Alberta. It was one of the largest Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare exercises in Canadian history. Soldiers from The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada stationed in Victoria B.C. were used as guinea pigs during those experiments, along with other Canadian and American soldiers. thirty-nine years later, these men continue to present and suffer with health problems ( sometimes terminal) and are routinely dismissed as delusional or, simply opportunists.

In 1966 and 1967 Agent Orange defoliant was used to clear training areas at CFB Gagetown … a matter of record. But the government has only acknowledged the harm caused by Agent Orange when it was sprayed on Gagetown,proper. Those who were exposed in the training area during the spraying of Agent Orange , to this day, have NOT received any compensation from the criminals of the governing party of the day, namely the Liberal Party of Canada. As one of those exposed to that, I know, all too well, how these people will attempt to weasel out rather than face the truth. The fact that Harper's people have been fully apprised of what happened offers nothing positive,either.

All political parties are complicit when it comes to this very abusive process with which those of us, who, having served in the Canadian Military are treated … once we have been damaged, experience. Knowing what I know today... the way in which all political parties abuse our trust, I would never offer myself or suggest to any of my family that they serve. Unfortunately, for me, that’s hindsight. I served, I was exposed to Agent orange, and now, I’m embroiled in a fight with slime that likes to call itself “government”.

The stories about our First, Second World War, Korean War and Gulf War Veterans, who were made to go begging on their knees to some bureaucrat for their benefits, are not forgotten. Then ,too, there are the stories of veteran’s widows, who, to this day, continue to suffer at the hands of a bureaucratic system that is nothing but dispassionate toward the victims of wars…their wars.

Including, this heartless, self serving excuse we currently have for Prime Minister and his party associates who, apparently, have no compunction in allowing themselves to being reduced to lemmings who dance to the tune of Bush and Cheney.

I wish you everything good for the future. Try to move forward and don’t allow yourself to be quieted or stifled by those who are obviously your lessers.

Never give up … seeking justice for your husband, who truly stood for something … while this current party system, they like to call “democracy” and its politicians are prepared to stand for nothing … especially truth and morality. I have lost faith in what I once thought was a great and proud country… but seems to have been seduced/ touched by a cancer that, today, seems to be exemplified by the United States of America and those in its sphere of influence.


Wayne Coady

Cole Harbour Nova Scotia

CC: All Members of Parliament and the Senate

Please read Letter from the widow of Major Paeta Hess von Kruedener

Dear Ms Cynthia Hess von Kruedener:

It is with a heavy heart, that I read your letter and as I do so , find myself very troubled with how your husband lost his life. I can only come to one conclusion and that is he was murdered along with his 3 other fellow Peacekeepers, by the State of Israel.

The treatment you received from the governing New Conservative Party is not a supprise to me, as I and thousands of other too have been treated with distain by this selfess excuse for a party that has high -jacked our system of governing for their own agenda.