Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Canadian Governments ....

...Breach Canadian Constitution .

The Nova Scotia Department of Labour are breaching the Supreme Law of Canada, "The Constitution 1982 ". The Nova Scotia Department of Labour, and Deputy Minister Margaret MacDonald along with senior department bureaucrats are using section 167, 195 and 270 of the Nova Scotia WCB Legislation to circumvent the Constitution when it comes to section 15 of the Carter.

While I have been pushing for change in the way the WCB Law works here in Nova Scotia...the three injured workers groups here have been kissing the arse of the Department of Labour ...who by the way fund them to the tune of $82,500.00 each, every year. The Mainland Injured Workers , Cape Breton Injured Workers and the Pictou County Injured Workers association are not looking out for injured workers , if they were they would be protesting every day in front of the Department of Labour...but why would they want to bite the hand that feeds them together, well over $200, 000.00 to stay away?

So who else are these Department of Labour financed injured workers groups reporting to, the NSGEU? The Nova Scotia Federation Of Labour"? The Construction Association? The Federation of Independent Business or Just the Department Of Labour, who are using this law to protect their business and union buddies ?

Please watch my video and then ask the question what is the Governing New Democratic Party going to do to change it?