Sunday, December 28, 2008

Canadian Human Rights Museum Is A Sick Joke

Canadian Human Rights Museum Is A Sick Joke

The Canadian Government announced that they are opening up a, Canadian Human Rights Museum
at a cost of over 265 million.

“This great national project will stand as a symbol for freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law,” said Prime Minister Stephen Harper who participated in the official groundbreaking of the new museum. “Working together, we are building a monument to Canada’s embrace of humanity’s highest ideals.”

Well the truth is, this is not the case and I am going to open the door to the truth and we will start with a statement recorded in Hansard in 1996, in the provincial legislature in British Columbia. Read Hansard 1996 in B.C.

Back in 1996 Liberal opposition critic for labour Linda Reid asked then Minister of Labour for B.C., N.D.P. Minister Moe Sihota about the 191 injured workers who committed suicide while under the care of Worksafe B.C... Apparently Moe was of the understanding that the number he had was 0.1 percent, but nevertheless it was acknowledged in the Provincial Legislature of B.C., that injured workers are committing suicide.

To day the MLA: Hon. Linda Reid sits on the Governing side of the B.C. Legislature as Minister of State for Childcare. Maybe the Hon.Linda Reid can look into how many children live in poverty, because of that vile bad faith Workers Compensation Legislation?

We also know from reading through all the provincial government reviews of the Workers Compensation Boards in Canada, that these provincial boards act in bad faith, we also know that injured workers live under the constant threat of being terminated off benefits and we know that they are intimidated by the words "Non Compliant" , and these words are used by the WCB Hired Therapists .

My point is this, regardless of the number debated by Liberal Linda Reid and N.D.P Moe Sihota in 1996 it was established, that injured workers in British Columbia are committing suicide at a high rate. We also know that the constant intimidation tactics used by the WCB Boards hired therapists is a contributing factor. Keep in mind that what is taking place here is cruel and on usually punishment, that can only be called one thing, legislated mental cruelty.

What else can you call it , when WCB staff and health care providers are provided with legislated protection and according to the WCB Legislation, they cannot be called before the courts to answer or be held accountable for their bad faith and abuse of power, which they administer on the very people they are suppose to protect?

So what were the numbers in 1996 for all the other provinces where injured workers were committing suicide while under the care of the WCB Legislation? And what are the numbers to date?

Now tell me that Canada is a supporter of Human Rights , when it is a well known fact that injured workers are having their lives destroyed by a piece of legislation that does little else except legalize murder. Yes that is correct; Canada Workers Compensation Legislation and system is nothing more than legalized murder. But how many more injured workers in Canada and their families were forced into bankruptcy, because of this bad faith law, and how many families were split apart?

Here is proof that injured workers are not protected under the Human Rights Act or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Injured workers cannot get a lawyer in Canada to take their case before the Supreme Court of Canada, you see , Human Rights is only afforded to those who have the money to buy it. Human Rights as it is dealt with to day pertains to , color, race and gender... so why not injured workers? Aren't we already classified by law a group of people in the minority? So, why are we further disadvantage , by a law called the Workers Compensation Law?

We will be posting more. It is a safe bet that thousands of injured workers were forced into suicide over the years because of the intimidation tactics of everyone of these Workers Compensation Boards here in Canada. It is a safe bet that every political party played a major role in covering up the truth, and it should be noted that every business in Canada who finances this vile Compensation system share some of the responsibility since they receive the protection of these Bad Faith Government Boards.


Wayne Coady; Spokesperson: Injured and Abused Workers Coalition .