Sunday, February 24, 2013


Speaking recently in Halifax,   PE U "senator" Mike Duffy defended HIS "entitlement to his entitlements” as this year's recipient of the coveted DINGWALL AWARD.  At the ceremony, the presenter congratulated "senator" Duffy for his ingenuity and the unmitigated gall he applied in screwing Canadian Taxpayers out of thousands of their hard earned dollars.

Winning the award was a mean achievement as he triumphed over other contenders, including the ever repressible and aloof, Pamela Wallin (Canada's "Lady Ice”) who, from day one of her appointment has made every effort to achieve a spending level of taxpayer dollars equal to that of her mentor and former fellow news person and CBC alumnus, Adrienne Clarkson who achieved a "personal best" as the Liberal appointed Governor General of Canada.

Ms. Clarkson, you will remember, took on the daunting task of adding to this country's debt singlehandedly volunteering her time, energies  and imagination to spend, spend, spend ...  on behalf of all Canadians.

 Now, thanks to the "Dear Leader", Stephen Harper  ... most, if not all of any surpluses this country may have ever had in the trough... correction:  kitty, has been frittered and pissed away through incompetence and gay abandonment ... of fiscal conservatism.

 Which brings us back to the "ol ' Duff " and his achievements  ...... nothing worthy of note, really.  Certainly, nothing commensurate with the exorbitant salary and perks Canadian taxpayers are required to pay him and all "Senators"(by default)... until they reach the age of 75, or hopefully croak.

Canada currently suffers a glut of overpaid, fully commissioned parasites

                                                     LATE BREAKING NEWS UPDATE

 "Senator" Duffy now admits a reduced mental capacity ... the result of eating contaminated food, has caused him to "maybe have made a mistake "when he filled out the "ambiguously worded” forms that ask where his principal residence is located.

While admitting no direct responsibility for the oversight that has cost Canadian taxpayers thousands  over the years he has (inadvertently) claimed  additional living expenses, Mr. Duffy has, in a magnanimous gesture, volunteered to reimburse the "Government" for this (small) oversight that everyone has construed ( mistakenly as fraudulent  ... and will do so immediately. He will make arrangements to completely repay all amounts due ....via pay roll deductions of $10 per month from his senator's salary.