Saturday, November 29, 2008

Worksafe B.C. Abusing Injured Worker John Berfelo

WorkSafe B.C. should be charged for torture and mental abuse.

John Berfelo was seriously injured while working in British Columbia. I would like everyone who visits to take the time and pay attention to how WorkSafe B.C.,demonistrates their strong arm tactics under the watchful eye of the British Columbia Department of Labour and how they " unionized " Worksafe B.C. staff, abuse and act in bad faith while dealing with Mr.Berfrlo's claim. This is a common practice across Canada.

John is just one more victim of a government law known as the Workers Compensation Act, which is found throughout every single province and territory in Canada. This vile bad faith law, overrides the Human Rights Act, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and it appears the supreme Court of Canada too.

Who ever in the hell the Associations of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada are, they sure have the media and the political parties scared to death of them. One must conclude when a government, leaves a law on the books that is known to have driven injured workers to suicide , one can only conclude that “government” , business who finance the fund and all political parties support legislated murder.

Please watch all of John’s you tube clips.

A link to all of John's Clips ... if you want to understand how Canada hides Human Rights abuse, look here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Who is Darrell Powell Working For? Unions or Injured Workers ?

Who is Darrell Powell Working For? Unions, WCB or Injured Workers ?

This is the first of two youtube video's about a letter requesting help from Darrell Powell by injured workers Everett Petrie. The First part of this communication is directed to me Wayne Coady explaining concerns Mr.Petrie has with Mr.Powell.

Part One: .................................Part Two:

The tone of Mr. Powell's letter rings loud of WCB intimidation.

It looks like Darrell pulled his youtube video clips down , we have them recorded though. Now to try and understand who Powell is go to and listen to his radio interview clips. We are hearing back from injured workers in B.C. that Powell is being directed by the B.C. Federation of Labour. And we know who the B.C. Federation of Labour are don't we?

The B.C. Federation of Labour partner with Worksafe B.C and we know just how abusive Worksafe B.C. is towards injured workers don't we? Follow the money .

Letter One:

----- Original Message -----
From: everettpetrie
To: Wayne Coady ; Rainmaker
Cc: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Prime Minister ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; NAT-PRES@PSAC-AFPC.COM ; NATEXEC-VP@PSAC-AFPC.COM ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; MLA More ; Minister Baker ; ; ; ; ; ; Keith W. Colwell ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Ginelle Starritt ; ; ; ; Auditor General NS ; ; D Whalen
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 3:52 AM
Subject: Fw: Was this attempted murder or was the RCMP justified in saying "they never read the evidence"

Hi Wayne

With all due respect to Darrell Powell's good work on behalf of injured workers.
I must agree with your remarks regarding Darrell Powell.position on the Union's representing WCB employees.They could and should insist WCB members of the Union stop participating in crimes against those disabled by occupation.
I was taken aback by Mr.Powell's failure to ask the Federal Politicians who appeared on his show more pertinent questions during the past election campain.I remember thinking while i was reading the transcript it should be Super Newf asking the questions.
Please read the cease and desist letter (the attachment) to this email i received from Mr.Powell.
He could have just discarded my story instead he choose to forward his two cents worth to ;
I was not attempting to solicited his support for my case.The real Darrell Powell came through loud and clear in this attachment.

PS I found out first hand the Federal employees union ( PSAC) has no interest in coming to the support of its members shafted by WCB employees because of injuries in the workplace

Letter Two:

----- Original Message -----
From: Rainmaker
To: Everett Petrie ; ;

July 21, 2007

Mr. Everette Petrie,

I n response to your email I must advise you to cease and desist from using my name in a co-opted manner to influence or attempt to influence a complaint that you may have or an investigation that you may be engaged in , or trying to assert.

You did not inform me of your intention to use my name or my involvement in any Senate Committee for shock affect. On previous communication I advised you to create a short synopsis, for your own benefit so as your story can easily understood.
As was clearly identified I am not asking for ‘whole cases’ and I myself would not be directly or indirectly involved in any case. I do not appreciate being taken advantage of in this way. You cannot bully or manipulate others into action.

I certainly will not be involved directly or indirectly in any criminal or otherwise investigation and again I state I will not have my name associated and used in a manipulative manner. I will not be swept into your case with the RCMP.
If you have that type of complaint, or are involved in an investigation you must follow proper procedure and legal channels.

I am not taking submission of cases. If any Senate Committee decides to take submissions, it is at their discretion and their design, as to their needs on whatever issue may be at study.

I have asked two questions, one if a person has suffered, the other, if they would like to see a review of the system. I had stated people may send a short story for descriptive purposes if they wished. That dose not mean, and I have clearly stated and it was posted not to send me case notes, files or evidence. You have deliberately manipulated the circumstance and sent 66pages.
It especially dose not give you the privilege to take the liberty of using my name or any personal potential candidacy of witness I may have at any Senate Committee, to intimidate an investigation , to suite your own agenda.
You must understand the serious nature of what you are doing and how you are affecting others. I strongly recommend you follow proper protocols if you are seeking an investigation of a criminal nature and seek legal counsel. I know nothing of your case, or past and I am not party to this complaint or investigation.

I understand you have suffered due to your injury and treatment through the processes of the compensation system. I accept your answers to the questions regarding the same.
I ask you to respect what I am expressing to you in this letter.

D. Powell

C.C. - RCMP Complaint Commissioner Mr. Paul Kennedy and RCMP Chairman William Elliott