Saturday, November 29, 2008

Worksafe B.C. Abusing Injured Worker John Berfelo

WorkSafe B.C. should be charged for torture and mental abuse.

John Berfelo was seriously injured while working in British Columbia. I would like everyone who visits to take the time and pay attention to how WorkSafe B.C.,demonistrates their strong arm tactics under the watchful eye of the British Columbia Department of Labour and how they " unionized " Worksafe B.C. staff, abuse and act in bad faith while dealing with Mr.Berfrlo's claim. This is a common practice across Canada.

John is just one more victim of a government law known as the Workers Compensation Act, which is found throughout every single province and territory in Canada. This vile bad faith law, overrides the Human Rights Act, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and it appears the supreme Court of Canada too.

Who ever in the hell the Associations of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada are, they sure have the media and the political parties scared to death of them. One must conclude when a government, leaves a law on the books that is known to have driven injured workers to suicide , one can only conclude that “government” , business who finance the fund and all political parties support legislated murder.

Please watch all of John’s you tube clips.

A link to all of John's Clips ... if you want to understand how Canada hides Human Rights abuse, look here.

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