Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nova Scotia Department of Labour involved in crimes against humanity. ( Children )

Nova Scotia Department of Labour involved in crimes against humanity. Children are forced to live in poverty because of Bad Faith Law.

It is becoming very clear that the Nova Scotia Department of Labour are the masters of abuse when it comes to the treatment of injured workers in Nova Scotia. This past month I have been contacted by injured workers who have proven to me that their children are suffering because the Nova Scotia Department of Labour, are to blame.

The Department of Labour and Workforce Development Deputy Minister: Margaret F. MacDonald can nolonger try to pass off the fact that they, are not in control of this Bad Faith legislation known as the WCB Act, because they are. It is the Department of Labour who are abusing injured workers in Nova Scotia and they are hiding behind their hired thug who are employed and protected under this vile piece of "government" legislation.

Next week I will be meeting with several families and hopefully we will have their children tell the public, how they suffered because of the abusive process of the Workers Compensation Board and those in charge. To think that this province is taking part in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Children here in Canada, when it is the Department of Labour who has been one of the worst offenders of the Rights of the Child.

This province has caused more harm and has destroyed more families than the public hear about, thanks to their Bad Faith Workers Compensation legislation. And all three political parties should be ashamed. Hopefully I can reach out to these injured workers and their children and that the children will launch legal action against the Department of Labour for their pain and suffering.

What is and has taken place here with respect to the WCB abuse is nothing short of a nazi crime and this province should be held accountable for letting these children suffer.While the children of those Government bureaucrats and politicians enjoy the finer things in life, the children of injured workers are forced to live in poverty.

Imagine, these clowns we call politicians had little problem spending $230, 000.00 on ATV's, while children of injured workers struggle to find a good meal.

Wayne Coady
Spokesperson for : Injured and Abused Workers Coalition. 902-434-9306

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