Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Honourable Maria Minna, Workers Compensation Expert on Bad Faith

She standing guard over the abuse of injured workers.
Imagine voting for a person who has made the lives of so many,so very miserable and then learn that that person would never be held accountable. Well how about this little lady. Maria Minna, PC, MP, (born March 14, 1948, Pofi, Italy) is a Canadian politician who represents the Toronto riding of Beaches—East York in the House of Commons for the Liberal Party.

A public policy consultant by profession, Minna was appointed Vice-Chair of the Worker's Compensation Board of Ontario's Task Force on Rehabilitation in 1986. She held public hearings across Ontario and delivered a hard-hitting report that resulted in significant improvements to the manner in which injured workers were treated.

In 1991, she was appointed Chair of the WCB Task Force on Service Delivery. She interviewed senior management and front-line personnel across Ontario and delivered a report that resulted in significant improvement in the delivery of services to WCB clients and the elimination of waste. Maria Minna delivered for the WCB clients and those clients are the people who own and finance these vile Boards, keep in mind injured workers are not the clients of these WCB Boards, we are the abused victims. Please read on and understand those people you elect, click on her name, read about her great work. Hon. Maria Minna No wonder politicians in Ottawa aren't interested in ending the Workers Compensation Abuse... they are managing it .

What you learn from people on the internet, isn't it great. Maybe now we will look at those people we vote for a little more carefully no wonder Ottawa is deaf to injured workers. PEI Government added Six Liberals Appointed to WCB Tribunal. This is what Political Parties do they stack the deck against the very people who vote for them.

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