Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We are fighting for our rights and life.

Here I have four series about the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board & Legislation; #I, #2,#3 and #4 which are audio, thanks to Youtube, please click on the centre of the picture to hear the audio.

Injured workers here in Nova Scotia pretty much resemble an abused wife in a bad relationship. Only our abusive spouse just happens to be the employer’s insurance provider, better known as The Nova Scotia Workers’ Compensation Board. ( Read this this part of the 2002 Focus Review Final Report on the WCB , by James Dorsey; pages 13, 14 ( LINK HERE ). And please go ( LINK HERE ) for the full Review.

Keep in mind, that the Nova Scotia Workers’ Compensation Board’s bargaining agent, is the (NSGEU) Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union Local 55. This is the same union that negotiates the benefit packages for all public servants and guess what, this includes our elected MLAs. Is there any wonder why it is so hard for injured workers to be heard? What we have here is one cozy little unionized politicized family , putting the screws to injured workers here in Nova Scotia, not to mention the relationship those MLAs have with this union.


Wayne Coady; Cole Harbour ..

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