Thursday, April 10, 2008

Calling on the Canadian Parliament and Senate

Dear Injured Worker;

The ironic side to this story about the
WSIB rebate program in Ontario is the Unions are every bit as guilty as "government" and business ,when it come to acting in Bad Faith.

I am sick and tired of the labour movement here in Canada blowing smoke out their backside and finger pointing at everyone else involved in the abuse of injured workers and workplace safety, when they are complicit. These organization like the Canadian Labour Congress and their offspring chapters, the Federations of Labour, have union representation on all Workers Compensation Boards in Canada, they must approve what the WCB administers, should it be abuse directed at the injured worker or one of the many acts of Bad Faith.

If the President of the Ontario Federation of Labour Mr. Wayne Samuelson and all other Labour Federations in Canada want to send a message that Labour is not happy with the
abusive process and the many acts of “BAD FAITH “ which these compensation boards are well noted for, then pull out of these boards. Why would any Union, want to sit on a Board or Committee that is known for its abuse?


Wayne Coady

Cole Harbour
Nova Scotia

Read this link Senate leader calls for overhaul of workers' compensation

Here is the latest story from the Toronto Sun:

Labour groups want WSIB chief out
Star series spurs advocates to demand new board for safety agency, but chair calls plea disappointing

Apr 09, 2008 04:30 AM
Moira Welsh
David Bruser
Staff Reporters

Ontario labour groups are asking Premier Dalton McGuinty to fire the chair and executive board of the provincial workplace safety agency in the wake of a Star series on its flawed safety rebate program. Read the rest of the story @ STAR<>

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