Wednesday, May 7, 2008

John could take no more WCB abuse or their intimidation

This was one of the hardest interviews I ever had with a family of an injured worker. You see he resorted to taking his own life, all because he could no longer take the cruel treatment of the Workers Compensation Board. His widow told me the abusive WCB process was worse than the pain from his injuries, she said it was constant intimidation, informing him he was going to be cut off benefits and that was one promise they did keep.

The reason it was so difficult for me, his widow opened up a photo album and commenced showing me the life she and her husband had before his workplace accident. The last two pages were about his death and how it ended.She wanted you to see for yourself.

This is how it ended, at their summer cottage,in 2006. His compensation pain ended.
We were asked by John's family to obscure his face a bit as this memory is still painful . In accordance with their wishes we have done so.

This my fellow Nova Scotian’s and Canadians, his how John ended his life and all because his caseworker decided she had every right to over rule the medical evidence provided by three attending physicians . Oh yes , John’s widow did end up with a payout , but only because John’s doctors threatened to go public and hold a news conference.

John’s widow is remarried now, but she did offer me this picture today to post on my site and it is her wish that more families come forward and tell their story about how they suffered at the hands of the WCB. She knows for a fact that there are many more just like her husband who has committed suicide while in the WCB Program .

I intend to meet again with John's widow, because you haven't heard the complete story on this one yet. His widow tells me that the documents in her husband's file speak for themselves.... volumes , in fact, of how her husband was used and abused by the WCB ... and she wants everyone to see the facts.

I can't help thinking that the WCB reminds me of the worst pedophile ... who doesn't want anyone to know who they really are and how they treat others.
The secrecy is ending right here .... right now.

This story will continue …..

Contributed by Wayne Coady
Spokesperson for : Injured and Abused Workers Coalition

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