Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Were Injured Workers Sold A Bill Of No Good

Fact or Fiction ? Do we have the original agreement between labour and business ?

I want to see the agreement that was signed in 1915 here in the province of Nova Scotia , between ...the Business Community and the Union Representative which led to the legislation called the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation act of 1917. It is important we see the original signed documents that removed our right to sue the employer.

I have learned today, Jan 7th 09 ,that there was no agreement signed between Labour and Business, I was told by the Legislative Librarian, that a Liberal by the name of Ernest Howard Armstrong introduced the bill which robbed workers of their right to sue their employer, should they have a workplace accident.

Here a little histroy on Ernest: Ernest Howard Armstrong, journalist, lawyer, politician, premier of Nova Scotia (b at Kingston, NS 27 July 1864; d at Bridgewater, NS 15 Feb 1946). Educated at Acadia and Dalhousie (LLB, 1888), Armstrong edited the Weymouth Free Press from 1889 to 1892, and later moved to Yarmouth, where he held various administrative posts. He was MLA for Yarmouth County (1906-20) and held the public works and mines portfolio in the Liberal government of Premier G.H. MURRAY 1911-23. A hard-working but unimaginative politician, Armstrong sought retirement to the bench when, as senior Cabinet member, he succeeded to the premiership (1923-25).

In other words, we are being lied to and the workers did not surrender their right to sue, government stole that right and have every year since 1917 kept stealing a little more of our rights away. This explains why the legal community does not want to tackle this vile abusive law....you see Ernest Howard Armstrong was one of their own, yes he was a lawyer, a liberal and a liar.

If that document / agreement between those two parties cannot be shown, then one can only assume the Workers Compensation Board is a FRAUD.What we have is nothing more than a FACIST piece of legislation used to further disadvantage those already disadvantaged by a workplace accident. Keep in mind also that when this vile legislation was passed, the men who it would most harm, were off fighting in the First World War, thinking they were defending democracy.

Well it looks like the Liberal Government of the day, pulled the wool over their eye. SHAME.

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