Wednesday, December 3, 2008

N.D.P , M.P Thomas Mulcair On The Rights of Canadian Citizens

N.D.P , M.P Thomas Mulcair On The Rights of Canadian Citizens

The NDP profess to be the party of the little guy. Tommy Douglass always liked to tell the story about Mouseland and the fat cats. If Tommy Douglass were alive today would Tommy take a stand and help injured workers end the abuse being administer by the “FAT CATS, employed in these unionized Workers Compensation Boards?

Or would Tommy Douglass do as Jack Layton is doing today, help the labour movement, Canadian Labour Congress and the Provincial Federations of Labour cover up the abuse taking place at the hands of the Unionized Workers Compensation Board? Would Tommy Douglass inform those appointed Union Reps who sit on the Board of Directors of these vile Bad Faith Boards to end the abuse, and stop approving the bad faith policies which is killing injured workers?

Wayne Coady recorded Question Period on Parliament Hill today ( Dec 1 , 2008), and you will hear New Democratic Party Member of Parliament M.P. Thomas Mulcair pointing the finger at the Conservative Party of Canada for daring to legislate away the rights of the Unionized “Government” employees.

It is most interesting what N.D.P. MP Thomas Mulcair has to say, so please listen. Then you be the judge, and are the NDP a bunch of HYPICRITES or what? Really , they are not interested in fighting for injured workers to get their rights back …WHY?

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