Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nova Scotia Department of Labour Cover Up Abuse of injured Worker

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Meet injured workers Dwayne Rowe.

Mr. Rowe first became acquainted with the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board back in 1992 when he was injured while employed at Dalhousie University. At that time Mr. Rowe was placed on WCB benefits and within six months he was cut off and told to go on welfare.

Mr. Rowe still under the medical care of a physician and was on pain medication which would have been another factor in his returning to work. So for 15 years Mr. Rowe was without choice force to take welfare only because a caseworker decided he was terminated.

Then one day he was contacted by the WCB to apply for a chronic pain payout and he did. Now keep in mind the WCB cut him off because they felt he was all better, but now they were ready to accept the fact that it was time to pay him for his secondary injured known as chronic pain, which came about because of his primary injury, which is still very much a factor to day.

This is just one of the many examples of how abusive the “governments” Workers Compensation truly is. What right does a caseworker or a rehabilitation therapists employed for or by the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board have to destroy an injured worker and his or her family?

Dwayne Rowe was forced onto welfare for 15 years, cut off from benefits that would have helped him and his family to move forward with their lives. What part did the Workers Compensation Board play in the splitting apart of his family?

Well stay tuned to my blog site, because Dwayne Rowe will be doing a video which will document a trail of abuse and bad faith that was administered under the watchful eyes of the Nova Scotia Department of Labour. Learn how your “government” secretly abuses injured workers, and gets away with it because “they” have a law that protects and covers up this abuse.

Labour Minister Mark Parent has been contacted many times, by me and many other injured workers to end the abuse. Minister Mark Parent and those in senior positions at the Department of Labour are complicit in this abuse.

Dwayne's video will be up next week .


Wayne Coady
Injured and Abused Workers Coalition

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