Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Exploitation of Injured and dead workers by ......

....the Nova Scotia Department of Labour & Worksafe Nova Scotia

I recently received an e-mail from a sister of a young man whose death on the job was used for political purposes by the Workman's Compensation Board of Nova Scotia in a desperate attempt ( on their part) to show themselves as a caring and compassionate organization who has only the best interests at heart for workers injured in this province.

When put in the context of the history of the WCB ( and I have their history laid out to me on an almost weekly basis, these days)...their maudlin, manipulative production comes off as a cynical slap to the faces of injured workers whose lives have literally been destroyed by their arbitrary and callous actions. Actions which are supported and encouraged by this province's Department (Ministry) of Labour and successive ministers who have turned a blind eye to how the WCB goes about denying legitimate claimants ... while their coffers grow. Rodney MacDonald, it is speculated, will soon be asking for your vote to keep his "government" in power preferably, with a majority.

What follows is one of a litany of reasons why he and his party should be booted out of governing this province for a long, long time... and his successors should be prepared to clean up the WCB well and truly for once. That should preclude any majority for the NDP as well. Surprisingly, we have found trade unions in Nova Scotia are complicit as well in what has been done to injured workers ... they simply could care less.

Here then for your perusal, one more time, is the article we published ten months ago ...that suddenly prompted Ms Lapierre response. (
MacDonald’s Minister of Labour, Mark Parent … CYNICAL HYPOCRITE )

My answer to her is here as well. Evidently, we must be doing something right ... because this issue is not about to go away and we will continue to publicize the bad faith practices of the WCB and the government that continues to prop it up with YOUR money.
Karen's Email to me questioning my credibility:

----- Original Message -----
karen lapierre
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 2:32 PM
Subject: Are you credible?

Mr Coady, I will have to take some time to research who you are.. but I'm sure it won't take long.I fell upon your blog page & I am astonished that you took the time to mention all that rhetoric about WCB of Nova Scotia last year...and not once has our family been contacted by you. You have made lots of assumptions. It seems you have taken the time to exploit many stories from other families & injured workers..can you explain why? Please tell me that you are helping these people.(END)

My remarks continued....
Here are a few links that Karen is promoting because of her brothers death.. note the handy work of the WCB. Note how they would have us believe that they are pure saints. How much money did the WCB take from the injured fund to pay for this promotion$, please visit the site of the WCB, here are the links. Nova Scotia WCB & WCB Poster with Karen . I always thought the fund was to be used as an insurance for those injured on the job? While injured workers go bankrupt because of the bad faith actions of the WCB and the Department of Labour, the fund is being used my both to clean up or cover up their true image. Wrong !!!! Arms length you say ..really . On the posters we can see the the "Government" , WCB and the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour put their stamp of approval on them, when will they step up to the plate and end the abuse of injured workers?

Canadian Forces & Threads Of life

Do not accuse me of exploiting your families pain and suffering ..look within, I have never taken one red cent in exchange for any assistance I have offered to others. It is not my style! My heart goes out to you and your family, but I cannot sit back and watch injured workers be abused by this dirty system. Shame on the "government"/ Deputy Minister of Labour and those union who are involved in this abuse. Who owned the barge that Jamie died on, was the company ever fined and whose responsibility was it that Jamie was not trained?

I had a friend who went into a electrical tunnel at the Heavy Water Plant many years back, just after it opened ...he and a co-workers also died from toxic chemicals....whose fault was that? Was that company every fined? This has happened many times before and will happen many time more , yet, as usual the Department of Labour and the WCB , always likes to place the blame at the feet of those who are lost to an unsafe workplace.... why?

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