Friday, February 6, 2009

Why injured workers should demand an audit.....

...... of "their" WCB claim number.

We are well aware of the fact that the WCB pays out million of dollars in the name of injured workers. This money comes from the rates charged to the small business operator who has two or more employees. Injured workers too are concerned about the high rates the WCB are charging our small business community, so we want to help, you know, make sure that your dollars are well spent. You see not all money paid out ever gets to the pocket of the injured worker, but someone gets it, so lets find out who.

So, it is time that every single injured worker gets a copy of the financial breakdown of their claim number or numbers. Lets make sure we do not have another Enron on our hands.

This audit will ensure that the money the WCB claims department have been dolling out was done so legitimately. This audit will include the names of every person who received money from the WCB based on your claim number or numbers. Keep in mind that people are being paid using your name and number to collect.

Contact: Leo MacKenna or Brad Fraser in the Accounting department of the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board. If they refuse, then make application through the Freedom of Information Act to the FOIP Administrator: Janet Curry.

Watch the video below and then you will understand why it is important to have this audit done. Need Wayne Coady 434-9306 or .

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