Friday, March 13, 2009

Liberal Party of Canada ...

...should be charged with crimes against humanity

During 1966, 67 and 68, the Liberal Party of Canada were responsible for endangering the lives of thousands of Canadian. In 1966 and 67 the Liberal Party under the umbrella and power of “government” authorized the importation of special mix of Agent Orange to be tested at C.F.B Gagetown.

We all know the out come of this action, we know that farmers were paid off because this very toxic herbicide drifted onto their crops , the “government” purchased all crops on these fields so they could be destroyed, thus confirming that the consumption of this produce was not good for human consumption.

We have learned since that many health issues have come to pass from the spraying of Agent Orange and not to mention many questionable deaths.

Then again in 1968 under the watch of the liberal party of Canada, authorized the use or testing of Mustard Gas at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Suffield Alberta. What kind of people is in the Liberal party that would let these two incidences take place?
I have no other choice, but to point at the Liberal Party of Canada as being nothing more than totally responsible for these very disgusting acts. Were they ever held accountable? No! and why weren’t

As far as I am concerned the Liberal Party of Canada should never be trusted with the power to govern in Canada again, they should be charged with crimes against humanity.

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