Sunday, April 13, 2008

Calling on the Canadian Parliament and Senate.

Ottawa Complicit in the WCB Experience Rebate Rating Program

The Federal Governments Website Entreprises Canada, is a propnent of the Experience Rating Rebate programs run by the WCB Boards in Canada. It is without question, that the Canadian Government are a complicit stakeholder with all Workers Compensation Boards and tacitly endorse the actions of all their partner WCB Boards, therefore the Federal Government is breaching it's own Charter of Rights and its own Human Rights Laws.

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Injured workers across Canada would like the Federal Government, through the Federal Minister of Labour to call for a committee to be struck, to investigate the many acts of Bad Faith demonistrated by their partners, the Workers Compensation Boards within Canada.

It in incumbent upon the Federal Minister of Labour and every single sitting MP in the House of Commons to right the wrongs, that the Federal Government has been secretly party to for all to many many years.

I Wayne Coady, of Cole Harbour Nova Scotia , request that Federal Member of Parliament for my constituency, Dartmouth Cole Harbour ,
Member of Parliament Michael Savage bring forth my request on the floor of the House of Commons. That I and many other injured workers request that all Workers Compensation Boards be investigated inlight of the finding by the Toronto Star Staff Reporters Moira Welsh David Bruser on April 5, 9 relating to the WSIB scandal over rebates to companies found guilty of unsafe workplaces. We would also like an audit done on injured workers files who have been denied benifits, it is my understand that even though claims were not being hououred by the Nova Scotia WCB , money was being paid out to unknown persons.


Wayne Coady