Sunday, April 6, 2008

Does the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board rebate business when an employee dies on the job from a work related an accident

Nancy MacCready Williams, Leanne Hachey, Stephen Dempsey

My question to Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board CEO Nancy MacCready Williams , The Canadian Federation of Independent Small Business Vice President Leanne Hachey and the President of the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce Stephen Dempsey , are your members getting rebates when one of their employees is killed on the job, from the Workers Compensation Board?

Here is a link to a story relating to rebates which was investigated by two Star reporters; David Bruser and Moira Welsh.

WORKING WOUNDED ( click on this pdf and meet some of the dead and learn how the company profited. Compliments of the Star. This should open your eyes. )

The Star is investigating workplace injuries, death and illnesses in Ontario. Information in the series comes from interviews, court documents and various data sources, including Workplace Safety and Insurance Board data obtained after a lengthy freedom of information request. The Star’s Andrew Bailey analyzed the data. Previous stories have highlighted loopholes that allow unsafe job sites to escape penalties, and the high rate of post-traumatic stress disorder among Toronto Transit Commission drivers. Flaw in worksite safety system allows big rebates even when a death occurs Click Here To link I have tried to get the media here in Nova Scotia to investigate the same thing , they have done nothing , why ?
I have asked several MLA's to look into the same issue.... they have done nothing ,WHY?

Ontario WCB Rebate Probe?

The Federal Government can intervine in every one of these WCB Boards, simply because they are a stakeholder partner... they do receive the protection of the WCB Act ...they are an employer too! So, why is it our elected MP's use the excuse that the Federal Government has no jurisdiction over these WCB Boards, they are a partner by association.

If anyone can help , please contact Wayne Coady